Welcome at our website. We finished our 1 year trip and are back to the common tredmole of us mere mortals :-).
We had an awesome time & want to thank the people who made it possible! We'll name a few in particular: Mum & dad of Govert for taking care of our snailmail. (And for being my parents!). Henri, the one who took care of our server & car. Our companies: Tribase/ProRail/St Anna hospital for granting us a leave of absence. The cab driver in Thailand, without him we wouldn't have been able to buy the 'motocy'. Adam & Sue, a couple we met in Thailand who showed us around & where we could sleep for a couple a days.
On the other site of our beautiful planet: Pete & Karon, guys without you there wouldn't even have been a RV!!! Thnx so much! Cilia & Larry, a couple from Edmonton. Friendly as they get!, We liked it with you guys! Of course there are many more wonderful people we've met on the way. You can read about them in the journals.
By clicking here you go straight to our last bit of the travel journal! (heading home...) Updated 18-10-2012

Greetings, Iryna & Govert.