Cambodia 2nd time

Well, some things happened. We got back from Vietnam in kind of a hurry as you could read in the travel journal from Vietnam.
The morning after we arrived GoofY went to pick up the motocy which was at a friend from the owner of the 'Lazy Mekong'. The bags which where at the Lazy, we picked up the night before already.
At the 31st of December 2011 Iryna helped Dary (works at the 'Lazy' as well) to prepare for the new years eve party.
GoofY worked a bit on the lorry (made some planks so we can sleep on it). That took a little longer as planned but such things usually do... (what can I say...)
a bit of a dolphinWe took up the plan to drive to Kratie to see the freshwater dolphins. We slept at Dary's mum place. The first night we slept some 14 hours (quit a record for us since Koh Kood).
We took the bike and went for a ride and relaxing in the sun etc. Late afternoon we got in a boat & a lot of dolphins. We took heaps of pics of course & also some movies. Included here is also the sunset then, amazing.
The guy in the boat did his best to show us the best & we thought it to be GREAT!!!!
Sunset @ the MekongThe next day we went back to Kampong Cham. To our surprise there were no hotel rooms available. That was due to the fact that some hot-shot from the government was paying a visit to Kampong Cham. (in the weeks before all people where fixing up the pavement and so on.)
We decided to push on to Kampong Thom & from there on to Siem Reap. In Siem Reap we bought a ticket to Ankor Wat & the next day we went there.
Unfortunately everyone thought it was good practice to ask you if you want to buy a book, no thank you we have one. Why not, maybe other one, please buy book, buy book now, you need book, you buy new book etc etc. Of course this happens with everything they're selling there, from water to food, to musical instruments, glasses, elephant tours, scarfs & all kind of other shit you won't need while in Ankor Wat. One side node as well, the people selling this follow you and you actually have the feeling of being harassed by them. I've been told that India is about as bad... No way I'll ever go there for some nice traveling. Doing highlights is another thing but not for some nice R&R.
But we shouldn't complain. Ankor Wat itself is amazing. Unbelievable they made such grand Wat's. Although after a while it's just to overwhelming & you get something like, ohw, another pile of stones...
a bit of a dolphinThe nicest temple (wat) we found was the one that's overgrown with trees, simply astonishing. There no words to describe such a thing.
After we got home we spoke to each other what to do next. Iryna's not feeling to good. Not so much homesick but citysick. We're both looking forward to some camping in the nature.
With that in mind we decided to head back to Thailand & prepare everything for camping. Also we made a rough plan how to go through Thailand.
The next day we took of to the Thai border. It turned out we where missing some paper, a statement that we crossed the border, blah blah blah. (by the way, there's a law in Thailand so you can not take your bike or car for more than 30 days out of Thailand, we had ours for more than 6 weeks out of the country...)
After some talking (well, talking is somewhat exaggerated, hand & feet is more correct, but there was some sort of communication :-) ) we had to pay for some new photocopies (20 Baht ~ €0,50).
By now we saw the guy give some of our papers to a truck driver, but we where to late to react.
Then we had to get ourselves through the Thai border, darn, we waited for more then 2 hours (with us some 100 other falang (foreigners)).
But we got through eventually, we struck up a conversation with a guy from the States. Got his email so if we get to the USA we'll drop him a line.
Then the problem for the custom form (which some guy give to a truck driver) started. At first there was talk that we had to go to the police etc etc... Auw.. that's not what we planned for...
But somehow another border guy thought it OKAY, so we were allowed to carry on.
To say that we were relieved is a vast understatement. Finally back in Thailand... See the next part clickertheclick...