Dagje uit in Six Flags

Six Flags.

In the spring we have visited Six Flags. The idea of going there was spontaneous. That time we were in Groningen, so we took a car and 've been driving to the Six Flags.
We did start from the begining, and the first attraction was Goliath, with its height of 153ft, length: 3982ft and speed of 65mph! That was great to get the thrill of flying, we both enjoied it and later on came back to it.
First time we tried it,we were sitting in the middle of the Goliath and later on we got the first places for overselvs,that was much more better,more exiting!!! The next our destination was El Condor, that was good fun as well, smth similar to Goliath! After that we went to have a ride on the Excalibur, no thrill there,was nice though just to chill there! Later on we had smth to eat, relaxed a bit and went to the Bug Coaster, was cool there, while we were there we got the feeling as if we could of turn over on the each corner! We also visited Via Volta and Superman! The Robin Hood attraction we found real cool, as its made all from the wood!

Furthermore, we decided to have a Quick Jump, we had to sign in for this and wait for some time. As we had some time left till we can start Quick Jump, we went to the Water Fun, we dont remember exact name of that attraction, but anyway, we sit on the boat and had a ride on the kinda "wild river" surprisingly we didnt get wet at all!!! So, that was almost time for our Jump, so we reached it quickly and the people who worked there were getting us ready for a jump, they did weight us, gave us a special costums and lifted us on the ropes real high in the air we stuck in the air for a min or two and been waiting with exitement to go down!!! Suddenly we felt as if someone did cut the ropes and we began flying!!! Thats was the best thing we expirienced there,lots of thrill and exitement!!! After that we visited Pirate Ship,Scarry tower and "Magic Wheel". Also, we had some fun by taking a boat and went through the quick flesh of water, that time we got a bit wet but that was alright. Several times we came back for our favourite attractions, btw we were lucky that there were not so many people, so we didnt have to wait in the queue!

All in all we spent a great day there!!!!!!!

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GRTZ GoofY & IrysyA