The trip to Asia.

little impression of Halong Bay

Hi people,

After 7 years finally some new plans for a ONE YEAR trip!!! It's going to take place in Asia & Canada+USA.
Start will be in Thailand, Bangkok. From there on heading to Ko kut island for a nice chill. After that we take off for Combodia. Of course a trip to Ankor Wat & a visit to the killing fields will be included.
From there we move on to Vietnam, a visit to Halong Bay, Ho Chi Minh etc.
Then we hop over to Laos where we will be doing a little hiking in the mountains and of course going down Mekong river. From Laos heading Thailand to visit west/north/south part of the county. If we still have some time we are planing to pay a visit to Malaysia and Indonesia.
As it turned out, 'time no have'. We thought we would have time for a thorough trip through Thailand, but we spend quit a bit of time in the North of Thailand. See the journal here.
Laos we skipped as well. So in the end it was Thailand 2x, Cambodia 2x & Vietnam 1x