Weekend Groningen

We decided to visit Groningen on the 18 November for a weekend. We have planed a couple of things to do and one of them was to visit an exibition of Groningen museum called "Eye to Eye", work by international celebrities such as Anton Corbijn, Erwin Olaf and Diane Arbus is being shown, often in life-size format.The museum offers his own photograghy collention this time.
'Eye to Eye' is curated by Mark Wilson and Ruud Schenk. In order to show the multiple facets of the collection, they have also bestowed attention on the melancholy staged images of Teun Hocks, with their double meanings, the exuberant photography of Erwin Olaf, and the internationally oriented work of the young fashion and portrait photographers Anuschka Blommers and Niels Schumm. Cornelie Tollens is represented with her erotic photos, Carli Hermès with polished advertising photography, and Micha Klein with his panoramic computer animations, inspired by the party culture.

The exhibition is completed with the work of the 'precursors' of many of the photographers named, such as the celebrity photographers Angus McBean and Paul Huf, and the more socially engaged Diane Arbus. Considering that people are the central focus of the photo collection at the Groningen Museum, in 'Eye to Eye' the emphasis is on portraits and staged self-portraits. Thus there is also work by visual artists who appear in their own work by means of photography, like Gilbert & George, the pair Ulay and Abramoviç, Luigi Ontani and Milan Kunc. Many of the photographs in the exhibition are printed in large format, which can sometimes lead to an almost physical confrontation.
We agreed that Lesya and Nano(our friends) will join us, though as Nano has smth else to do only Lesya payed a visit to the museum. We planed to go to the museum at 13:00 and Lesya would join us later on coz she thinks she needs less time to go through the museum, so we did. We met Lesya later on at the hall and started watching the collection.

We have made a several pictures of the photos we liked the most. Work done by Angus McBean , a girl who is growing up from the ground surrounded by towers, made quite a bit of an impression on us, the photo shows how innocent and pure but at the same time strong the beauty of that girl is, that strong that can ruin and rebuild the whole world! Quite a magnificent photo. Also photos by Larry Clark and Inez van Lamsweerde&Vinoodh Matadin showed the purity of the humans body.
We also have seen work done by Teun Hocks, who has proved that quite old art is better than a modern art, he used as a example an old furniture, on purpouse he slightly burned by doing that he showed that the furniture is still a great art.
Irysya was " a bit" surprised though that next to the nacked photos they placed photos of the Christ, for her oppinion its not smth u should do.
Also, we visited "From Cuyp to Rembrandt" collection.
Mostly there was represented Hofstede de Groot’s collection. Although the collection of the Groninger Museum did represent the backbone of the exhibition, a large number of works was borrowed from other museums and private collectors in order to create a representative reconstruction of De Groot’s collection. We've seen some nice paintings there as well.
Later on Lesya wanted smth to eat so we went to the restaurant, she got a lunch for herself, we had some coke and talk a bit.When we finish with lunch the museum was about to close so that time we also didnt manage to see all the exibitions the museum has, but that wasnt much :)
So we said "Good bye" to Lesya and went home to cook some dinner and getting ready for a party with Rolinka and Edwin( which was a good fun and we dont think we will forget these 2 days of "celebrating " soon lol ;)

For some more pictures click here

see ya next time,

GRTZ Goofy&IrysyA