Holiday in the Ukraine 2005

Hi All :-)

Ok, a brandnew travel journal, this time about the Ukraine. Irysya & I went there, @ the 15th of july.
After a lot of preparations on the car, I bought a 4wd, good fun!!, we were ready 4 it!

Friday, 15-07-05.
@ 08:00, I arrived @ Irysya's place after my nightshift. Went straight 2 bed, Irysya went into Groningen 2 buy a musquito net @ Xenos. @ 15:00 we got up & started 2 pack the car proper. That took us till 20:00. Meanwhile Ann, a friend of Irysya showed up & we had a nice dinner. Then finally we got into the car 4 the journey 2 the UA (Ukraine). Quickly got some money out of the ATM, filled up the car completely & of we went! First into Germany, @ 23:00 we had our first stop, ate some noodles & continued again.

Saturday, 16-07-05.
@ around 2 o'clock we stopped again 2 eat smth & 2 fill the car up. Irysya has been sleeping most of the journey so far :-). I drove on the whole day, not much 2 tell about. The car uses roughly 1 liter every 13 k's so that's quite good considering the fact that it got the streamline of a pregnant seacow (none :-) ). @ around 15:00 we arrived @ the UA border & that's when our luck ran out.... We waited 9!!! long hot hours 2 pass the f*cking border. Excuse me language but damn... Anyway, we allready contacted Irysya's mum. Irysya asked her mum 2 have a nice warm bath & bad ready 4 us.

Sunday, 17-07-05.
Finally passed the bloody border. Went through really shitty roads to get to Sambir.Said hi to Ira's mum&sister, took a nice bath and nicelly&finally went to bed! In the afternoon we have made a schedule for the next week.

Monday, 18-07-05.
Ira went today to the doctor to have a general check up, meanwhile GoofY went with Kris(Ira's sis) to the town. They have got the map of the Karpatu mountains,did find out how to arrange the Internet at home(for Ira's mum) and just had a nice walk through the city. Ira has made a couple of phone calls to her friends to say Hi :) In the evening we all had a nice dinner( of course mum tried to "filled us up" with as much food as she could lol )

We woke up quite early, managed to have a nice shower( we had to do that before 10am as there was no running water after 10 am till 12am, in the afternoon from 3pm till 6& in the evening from 11pm till 6am). GoofY been busy with the pc and Irysya had some talk with mum&sis. Later on GoofY went with me to the dentist ( was raining like hell so we were a bit late, good excuse ;) ) And as usuall in the evening we had SOME FOOD which would be enough for the whole orphanhouse.

Irysya has had a haircut and GoofY did install the computer for mum. A friend of Ira came over, so she had a nice time talking with her. Ira and Kris paid a visit to another friend of them, though they didnt stay there for long.

Thursday, 21-07-05.
GoofY&Irysya went shopping! ;) We got bathrobes, fishing stuff, curtains for the car and a blouse for GoofY. We visited a mechanic and made an appointment for Friday. We decided to cook for sis&mum some dutch food, which was "rode kool met appeltjes" So this time we spent some time in the kitchen,had some fun doing that( as usual) :) Goofy met a friend of mine,Olya, who came over later on to say hi. She could speek english, so at least i did not have to translate a conversation.

Friday, 22-07-05.
We woke up quite early because we had an appointment with the mechanic, surprisingly we were in time ;) Well, we had to spend there half of the day..Goofy was busy with helping the people who were working on the car and me had a nice walk through the field,got some beautiful flowers and just relax there for a bit. When the car was ready we got home, had a dinner and read our books.

Saturday, 23-07-05.
On Saturday we started to pack stuff for our holiday to karpatu, of course my mum loaded the whole car with all kinds of things and we stared off to the dacha, to see my grannies!Goofy and me both did enjoy it, that was reall nice to see my "dad" again, listened to his stories,he was yelling a bit lol, but thats coz he doesnt hear proper,when we got there my mum and granny started to prepare a dinner.Me and Goofy were busy with making a fire, that was cool, we got some nice dry wood for it from my granny, when the fire was almost gone we started to gril the chiken. That was my job,where i succeed.That wasnt the end of the day,so we had some fun going to the garden,pickin up some fruits and going to the bees :), we got a special cloth to protect ourselvs from the bees, Goofy looked inside of the bees houses and he was lucky not got bitten by them, i wasnt, got bitten on my feet :(, though that wasnt that bad as i still could enjoy our walking :) That was our first night that we slept in the car. Our plan was a bit different, before even going to the Ukraine we were thinking of sleeping on the hay when we get to the dacha, but the "hay bed" wasnt ready this time so we had a sleep in the car, which was cool! so we can still look forward for the next time sleeping on the hay!

Sunday, 24-07-05.
We woke up early in the morning, got our breakfast and went for a stroll to the forest. I have been showing to Goofy the places i visited with my gran-granma when i was a kid. When we got back from the forest we had some relaxin time sittin outside, chatting with my granny about the history ;) he got a lot to tell as he took part in it...
In the evening we went back to Sambir with my mum. We were a bit tired so we went quickly to bed.

Monday, 25-07-05.
we started our small trip to the Karpatu, in the begining we had some probs with crossing the border of the region,as Goofy has written on his imigration card that he can only travell within lviv region, and the military guy didnt want to let him go further, but later on after some talkings we convinced him of writting down another region so that way we can travel throughout UA. We both liked the nature, everything was nice and the most important the weather was cool!! sunny and warm :) Wnen we reached Tyrka obl we have met some nice people who were willing to show as the best way we can have a rest. We have got a mineral water and drow back to the place where we met these people in order to bring a small girl back to her parents and start looking for a nice spot. GoofY had been trying to get on the quite stream hills, the first one was ok, but the second one he couldnt we had to go further and look for smth else. We have found a nice spot in the forest near the small river, there was our first night in Karpatu.

Tuesday, 26-07-05.
We got up in the morning, cook ourselves a nice breakfast and enjoy the sunny weather! In the afternoon we started going on...when we entered Voluns'ka obl the nature was stunning, beautifull mountains and fresh smell of the forest and air!
We have seen the mountain called " A siddle" and some others, when we have been driving we've got a lot of exitement from the view on the mountains.A thought of getting on the mountain cross our mind! We got on the top of it with the car and spent another night and day there! In the evening GoofY was busy with arranging something for the car and i was busy with preparing the dinner, unfortunatelly the dinner which i've been cooking for almost 2 hours didnt succeed, as my granny gave us a special chicken which we had to cook for an hour or so and then eat, hmm that we didnt know...oops, but we have made other quick meal and that was allrihgt :). Later on we did sue the curtains for the car, that was something ;).
GoofY met Nicky there, the dog looked exactly like Nicky, he was playing with her and after a while Nicky run away with the ball and didnt return...after some time people brought us the ball and we had a nice talk with them( these people've been looking after the cows). At night that was nice to stand on the top of the mountain and look above the other mountains...when you look down u feel complete freedom, frankly that was great!!! Hey, but that wasnt the last cool thing we did that day, watching the stars together was something!!!

Wednesday, 27-07-05.
We decided to move on in the morning...the next our destination were the waterfalls! And again we were driving through real nice places till we got there. Once we reached the waterfalls GoofY was eager to get washed under them, that was something to do. The waterfalls were extremelly cold! You could not stay there for more then 5 min othervise you got reall cold. But ofcourse GoofY had to try it ;) the next was me. We got cool refreshement there...made some pics and then continue our trip!

Thursday, 27-07-05.
We got to the Sunivir lake, thats the natural lake in the middle of the mountains. This lake has a nice legand about a couple who loved each other. Her name was Sun' and his Vir. She was from the reach family and her dad didnt allow her to date Vir, so she decided to get to the lake and drown there, Vir went after her and died as well. After that the lake was called Sunivir( after the name of Sun' and Vir). We had a walk around the lake... unfortunatelly we werent allowed to camp there, as that was an importand resort, we could of only stay there in a hotel... and plus we couldnt fish or swim there, so we decided to leave that spot soon.
Anyway, we left that lake looking for another spot to have a rest, we tried several roads which were'nt susccessful,btw we have got our tire broken,so Goofy had to fix that one,which he did succeccfully then we met some people, the women there could speak english so that was nice for us coz its very rare that someone can speak english in the UA, so she told us where we can go....finally we have found a nice place for having a rest.We felt like yeah thats the place where we can stay nicely. we had some fun fixing a little bath for us:), had a stroll in the forest, got some mushrooms and made nice pics of the plants,mushrooms and the coolest one of the blue "slumachok" and salamander. Then we went to the car, GoofY read a bit and I been busy with writing a diary ;)
Ow, yea forgot to mention, we also been busy for a couple of days with suing curtains,damn that took 4 days!Goofy kept himself busy with fixing things in the car...later on we had a nice meal,no shit with the curtains and fixing the car, so that evening was for ourselvs, nice he?

Friday, 28-07-05.
So today, We planed to leave our favourite spot but we didnt :). We went to the Mizjgirya to get the tire fix and then bought some food,filled in the water tank with drinkin water and get back to our previous place. We thought that we have to pay again for entering the national park but when i was about to give 4 Gr to the military guy he just asked if we been here before and on my answer yea yesterday he let us go for free, so that was nice of him :).After a while Goofy said he would like to give some donation to that park wich we later on did.
So, firt thing which we did was jamping into our small pool ;) that was nice and cold :) later on we decided to have a barbegue going, well sweety GoofY did put a "little bit more solt into the meal then it should be lol" but that was ok, i had my nice sausage. When we were having our dinner small guy came by and started talkin dutch!!!!! i couldnt believe my ears but yeah he was dutch, so GoofY had a nice talk with him, later on his sis came u can meet indeed dutch people everywhere! After the meal we been watchin a nice movie!

Saturday, 29-07-05.
We started looking for the other spot today. Wow that was a long and tiering driving. On our way Goofy almost hited a car hopefully nothing bad happen!Though we were a bit scared! well, i was about to stay anywhere coz this small driving seemed to much for me,though Goofy looked allright. well we asked a couple of people where we can find our destination place, as we did later on. we reached it around 6 or smth, maybe 5.. we got some food( that was some soup) GoofY and me felt quite doozy and we decided to go to bed, we didnt even clean the plates and left everything outside...well that was a long sleeping time :) we woke up at night and did watch the stars, was cool, so many stars and we saw again the miklyway, and we have seen a few falling stars:) after that watching we went to bed again, i did woke up a couple of times at night and Goofy as well i guess.

Sunday, 30-07-05.
On Sunday i didnt really feel like getting out of the bed early, coz everth was wet from the "rosa" and the sun didnt shine yet. ow yeah i brought an idea to get some fishes,but this idea didnt succeed. Goofy did make a new fishing root...we havent used it yet! Me did nothing walkin around and runnin after the butterflies, hmm i did make some pics and then i wanted to make some pics from the flowers which i did but not many... i was anoying GoofY all the time in order to have a walk in the forest, though he was busy with his car!
Later on,a man came by to ask wot the time was, that was cool that we met him coz i asked where we can gather some mushrooms and catch a fish. After a few sec he came back and gave us the mushrooms, that was nice of him so this evening im gonna make a nice sous from them :)
Finally my hunny was ready with the car,we packed everth and went for a walk into the forest. well that was hard climbin up and down through the hill though we managed but unfortunatelly didnt find anythin interesting,no mushrooms as well :(
we got back quickly and did some washing( bed stuff, a few t- shirts ...)
Now we are sittin lazy in the river on our chairs,Goofy readin his book and me writting a diary!

Monday, 01-08-05.
We woke up quite early, got a breakfast and started to pack everything. We decided to get a new tires for the car so we went to a big city Mykachevo and did order 4 new tires. Though we had to wait for a day till these tires are delivered. In the afternoon we stoped by a taxi driver and asked him a way to get to a nice area somewhere around. The guy was friendly ..he suggested us where to go and even gave an address of his sister where we can stay and have a nice time there. When we found our new spot we didnt think anymore of findning the sister of that guy so we staied near the river in the forest.We had our dinner and watched a movie.

Tuesday, 02-08-05.
On Tuesday we got our tires, everyone was happy :) This day we decied to go back to Sambir, where my mum lives. We reached that place around 7 o clock in the evening, got smth to eat and a nice BATH! We make a few plans for the last days in the Ukraine.

Wednesday, 03-08-05.
GoofY and me had a nice walk through the city visited my favourite caffee( i used to go there when i was younger). There we had some fun with coke straws ;)
We did arrange an appointment with a mechanic for Friday morning and the rest of the day we talked with mum, have been reading and just chilling!

Thursday, 04-08-05.
Today we did paint the car,welded the door frame and got a couple of dents out. We spent almost the whole day on doing this in the garage. When we got home GoofY helpped mum to get the cupboard fixed and straight away we went to bed!

Friday, 05-08-05.
In the morning we were late for the appointment, but that wasnt that bad. We left the car in the garage and then went to Lviv.Lviv thats a historical city, got a lot of cathidrals,historical musiums and old architecture.
When we got there, we had to buy a map and a city tour in order to know where to go. Our plan was to visit the national musium of Lviv but that one was closed so we went to the historical musium of Lviv. We spent there 3 or 4 hours, we got to know a lot of new things about the first and second world war. We visited Macdonalds later on, where we met a girl from Afrika, who was pissed off becouse she couldnt get her MacRoyal.
In the evening we got home and started already to pack our stuff for the trip back to Holland. On Sunday we wanted to go back and on Saturday we planed to visit our grannies.

Saturday, 06-08-05.
Early in the morning we went to the dacha. There was cool as usuall, we talked with grannies about our holidays, did show them the pictures we made. later on we went to the garden to get some vegetables to take with us on the trip... After having a lunch we went to the small church to pray there, it was raining so we had to wait there for a bit till the rain stops.
At night we watched the stars again!;)

Sunday, 07-08-05.
We got to Sambir on Sunday, had a nice sleep before the trip, said goodbye to mum and started driving to the border.We reached it at night, at least this time we didnt have to wait for 9 hours. Within 4 hours we got to Poland. Well for me driving wasnt difficult as most of the time i was sleeping ;) GoofY stopped once to get some sleep as well, but that was for 3 hours or so..
Finally, we got to Holland, Groningen, on Monday evening and went to bed straight away!
That trip meant a lot for me and for Goofy, we enjoyed everything there and these 3 weeks were the best!!!

See ya next time!