Preps part 2

We started a part 2 because part 1 was already growing quite big.

So as to some preps, this weekend (24-29 Aug 2011) we went up & down to the Ukraine to visit the mum & dad of Iryna. This is some 1600k's worth of driving (one way). But as we can now both drive the journey takes place much quicker then it would when only one of us was driving.
Of course we also paid a visit to Iryna's grannies. They live on some sort of small ranch (in Ukrainian or Russian called a 'dacha').
Further more we went for a day-out in the mountains & near a river which was absolutely marvelous. Govert spend most of the afternoon fiddling with something in the car considering the radio. Iryna spend some quality time with mum & dad.
In the evening we watched the stars and the milky way was quite clear!!
As for now, we're heading back home, some 500k's to go...
As ya can guess, some time passed, we got our last injection arranged as far as we know everything.
We arranged everything with the house by now. It's been quite busy.
There's loads to tell ya about but it's not really interesting as it's mainly administrative stuff.
Allthough there are a few things, I just remembered. We bought a waterproof (10m) camera and a IP67 certified phone which means it can survive 30 min in 1 meter of water. The cam is an Olympus & the phone a Motorola Defy+.