June, 2012

01-06-12 & 06-06-12, the land of Geysers, Yellowstone!!!

A smal geyser basinBefore going to Yellowstone we had a look at the weather forecast and it didn’t look too good. But we said to each other that we just take a gamble and see what the weather it would be like the coming days. And we are glad we went to this national park. Because it's a very special place to visit. It's so diverse ….you have there geysers, hot springs, rivers, lakes and forests. Which gives you a possibility to do some awesome hikes in this diverse nature. The night before Govert's B-day we went to the Great Fountain Geyser. We decided to make a bike tour by first going to Firehole Canyon Drive then we visited Fountain Flat drive where we made a wonderful ride through some peaceful area. We biked until Midway Geyser Basin and from there on we went to the Great Fountain Geyser, which supposed to erupt at 9mp. We arrived there somewhere around 7:30pm, because this geyser can erupt 2 hours before or 2 hours later the predictable time. At first the idea was to stay there until 9pm and if the geyser wouldn’t erupt until then we would go home. There is a reason behind it.....while leaving the camping we realized that we forgot the flash light, and according to Iryna there is a saying that if you return back for stuff you forgot it can bring you some nasty things. Oh well, we thought OK we wont go back but then we’re not gonna make it to the dark.....which haven’t happened of course. We waited quite a long time at the Great Fountain and it didn’t erupt until 9pm. But we thought oh well as we have already waited for so long we can still wait some more time and then we have to be very careful while driving back to the camping, +/- 20km biking. Well, the eruption was at 10:30pm and yes we did watch it! We have to say that it was something amazing. Especially the first great eruption, it was getting bigger and bigger you had a feeling like as if it was approaching you with great speed. The height of this geyser can reach 20-30m, we have no clue how high it was that time, but it was huge!! What was also so special about it, as it was already dark the moon light was spectacular, we didn’t need a flash light at all to be able to see the eruption.
Well, the most funny thing was to drive in the dark (well yes with the moon light) back to the camping. Iryna became almost a perfect singer because we haven't met a single bear on our way. It was a little bit crappy to bike next to the bisons laying a couple of meters from the road we took, unfortunately they are not scared of the noise, so Iryna's singing didn’t scared them away haha. We had to stop a couple of times for the cars because otherwise they wouldn't notice us in the dark. Finally when we got into the camping we had a great relief that we are safe haha But believe it or not, it was definitely worth it!!! It was again a little adventure :)
Goofy had a great B-day present to be in Yellowstone and watch all the beauty of it! On the 2nd we had a small hike to the Old Faithful and the area around it to see some beautiful geysers. In the evening we were invited by some ladies and their kids to have some burgers and beer with them.
The other days we visited Midway and Upper, Biscuit and Black Geyser Basins. Even there we managed to be at the least crowded places:)
At Norris Geyser Basin we saw the hottest geysers and hot springs in the park, heading north we had a one night stop at Mammoth Camping. In the morning you can have a wonderful hike along the Mammoth Hot Springs, which are beautiful.

06-06-12 & 09-06-12, Saying 'Good Bye' to Montana, USA and 'Hello Alberta, Canada '

As we left the USA, here comes AlbertaWe spent 3 nights at a camping in Great Falls, Montana. Didn’t do much over there just chilling: some catching up with the news and shopping. This time we found a nice shop for Iryna where she bought thousands of dresses LOL and some great shoes:)
Govert didn't do bad himself, he got cool shoes as well and of course some technical stuff.
On the 9th of June we crossed the border with Canada. At 6pm we entered Alberta. It felt very strange to leave USA, we had a wonderful time together up there! There are some great places we definitely want to come back for!!!

10-06-12 until 15-06-12, coming back to Canada

As we mentioned in our previous travel journal, we crossed the border with Canada, Alberta on the 9th of June. The next day we arrived at the RV campground in Granum. Where we met very friendly camp-hosts, Larry and Cilia. We had some nice talks with them and one day we went together with Larry to the Waterton National Park. The weather wasn't that great but we all had a wonderful time up there! From Cilia Iryna learned how to make a 'mush-mallow cake' ;) mmm tasty and simple to make!
These 6 days we needed to relax a bit from our busy program in the States.

16-06-12 until 18-06-12, some driving through Calgary and Edmonton

On Friday morning we said good bye to Larry and Cilia and headed for Calgary. There we had an appointment with a dentist, because Iryna needed a re-filling. This was a bit of unsuccessful visit, while giving anesthetic the dentist did penetrate a linguinal nerve....so Iryna didn't have a feeling in one part of her tong for a long time, now it seems to get better....After that we went to Edmonton, where we went to the Edmonton Mall, one of the biggest shopping centers in the World. The next stop was Alberta's Beach where we spent 2 nights: washing, cleaning etc

19-06-12 until 30-06-2012, Jasper National Park

Wow, such a nice lakeGetting ourselves a Canadian Park Pass we can enter almost every National Park without admission, well you bet you can enter for 'free' if you pay something like $140 for a year pass!
But OK, here we are in famous Jasper, huge mountains are rising above thousands of lakes, rivers, forests and glaciers....bears, elks, caribous, moose’s, mountain goats and big horn sheep’s are wondering around in search for food. So, if you like some wild nature, this park is a paradise for you! Anyway, it's for us! The first days in the park we stayed at the relax Pocohontas camping. It's situated close by the Mietta Hot springs, so we spent nicely some hours up there (what was really a shame, there was the hole group of people from Quebec, well they were very very loud and the security couldn't do anything about it because they didn't speak English!!! but anyway we still could enjoy some peace when they were gone!) On our way back to the campground we saw 2 black bears and big horn sheep's, which was nice again:)
From there on we headed to the Wabbasco campground. Visited the Mietta Canyon, did a mountain bike ride to the area of five lakes, which was pretty demanding. This is definitely a nice area to hike/bike, the lakes are just beautiful. Then visited the Athabasca Falls, which are nice as well and did a mountain bike ride to the Fryatt Valley. It's pretty flat drive, but the trail wasn't maintained, so we came across some fallen trees on our way and almost ½ of the trail contains big stones, which makes it not comfortable to bike....but the view was very beautiful when we reached for us the last stop.
By the way, Mt. Kerkeslin campground is very relax, it has spacy places, some spots lay in a way that you hardly see the road BUT there are lots of mosquito’s!!! So you really need anti-insect spray and fire going!