29-09-12 until 01-10-12, Coming back to Burlington and flying back home!

Some rainbow @ the famous Niagara FallsOur last visit to Burlington this year, it feels strange that our 1 year adventure comes to 'finito'. We enjoyed it so much, this trip will stay with us for a long long time. We enjoyed the marvelous nature not only in the North America but also in Asia: Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. A lot people are asking what's our favorite place, but there is no favorite place. Each country on it's own is our favorite and we would love to come back and enjoy these countries once more! And we may thank Lord that we are coming back home safe and in good health! The evening of 29 of September we went for a dinner together with Pete and Karon and uncle Gerard and ant Jannien. We had a nice evening together. The next day we didn't go to the church with Pete and Karon as Iryna had her Bday and she wanted to call her family in Ukraine and Holland. In the kitchen Karon made a nice surprise for Iryna. In the afternoon we went to see the Niagara falls once again. The Niagara FallsIn the early morning we said 'Good Bye' to Dylan and later on to Pete. The rest of the morning/afternoon we were packing in our stuff. By the way we had to buy the 4th suitcase for that! Our bags were extremely heavy, each of the 4 bags weighted 23 kg plus we had 2 hand bags of 10kg each. In the afternoon we said 'Good Bye' to Karon as well and headed for Toronto, Pearson airport. There we left the rental car and went to the gates. The flight went OK, Iryna had a good sleep but Govert didn't sleep that much. Back in Amsterdam on the 2nd of October. There we had to wait for the last suitcase which didn't show up at all. Everything we knew was that our bag is left in Germany, which was our connecting flight to Amsterdam. They would send our bag to Jan and Nel (Govert's parents) Luckily we didn't have there anything we needed right away.

02-10-2012 until 05-10-2012, Strange feeling being again in Holland!

Sitting in the train back from the airport we couldn't believe we are home! We felt happiness that we are home but at the same time we felt sadness....because our 1 off was over. Nevertheless it was a great year with lots of amazing moment to think back to. Everything seemed so unreal: seeing dutch landscapes, hearing dutch language, speaking dutch to people, seeing dutch license plates etc etc. We were already planning our dinner: dutch fries special and 'een kroket'! We arrived at Henri's place and relaxed there for a while. We planned to go that evening to Iryna's sister Khrystina. As Govert fixed the brake lights we were off for Nieuw Bergen. On our way there, we stopped not that far away from our house, to take a gasoline in. We noticed that there was smth wrong with the brakes of the front wheel. We put the car on the side of the road, called our neighbor and started fixing the car. It took us 2 or 3 hours. So we didn't go to Khrystina that evening. The next day the car went through the road check and it was good for the coming year. After that we had an appointment with a girl who was renting our house. We made some arrangements and in the evening we visited Khrystina and later on Jan and Nel.

05-10-2012 until 14-10-2012, “Dobrogo Dnja” Ukraine.

Nice valley where we walkedWe started driving late in the morning. We were driving in turns as both of us were pretty tired. Nevertheless we reached Ukraine in the morning on the 6th of October. We had a good time with Iryna's parents. For 3 days we went to the mountains. The weather was clear but cold. Iryna's parents made lots of meals, so we are full until the end of the month! Further, we did some small hikes with beautiful views. The other day, Iryna and her parents went looking for mushrooms and Govert was reading. Back in Sambir Iryna learned how to cook some of the Ukrainian dishes. Together with her mum they went shopping. We wanted to take some meat and fresh stuff to Holland as its all biological in Ukraine and doesn't cost that much as its in NL. We also went to see Iryna's gran dad and gran mam at the dacha. They are doing alright, looking at their age and they still are able to live on its own. We had a great time there. By the way, they got a new dog, he is very cute and wants to play a lot! Anyways, these days in UA flew very quickly and it was time to drive back to Holland. This time we made a record of 19 hours driving 1500km. At the border we were the first ones, so no troubles there.

15-10-12 until 17-10-2012, After a year away moving back in our house.

In the afternoon we arrived at Ede, by Jan and Nel. Together we had dinner. We packed our stuff which we left there for a year. Surprisingly everything fitted in the car :-) In the early morning we left Ede and were very curious how our house looks like. Ok, here we are standing in front of our house: the garden is full of weeds, it looks like it hasn't had any attention the whole year. But the house doesn't look bad, which is good. After walking around and looking at stuff we still haven't found any damage in it. We are so happy it's in one peace! It needs some cleaning but we would do it anyway! So we are happy people back in our home with no bad surprises!

CYA Govert aka George aka GoofY & Iryna aka Irene