Preps part 1

Hi, finally things are starting up.
We booked our ticket. leaving 30-10-2011 for BKK (Bangkok international Airport) with Egypt Air.
Iryna's been a bit dodgy about it!
We use mostly Lonely Planet as our main guideline.
On Friday, the 17th of June we've got our first vaccines, DTP, Buiktyfus and Rabies.
Saturday, the 18th of June, big shopping day: 2 rucksacks with water systems 3 en 2 L; clothes (trousers, blouses, boots, slippers, bikini ;) light weight towels, mosquito net, silk 'sleeping cover', light weight mattress, wallet)
Friday, the 24th of June we've got second shot of injections: Hepatitis A and Rabies.
Monday, 11 of July the third and the last vaccine for Rabies. Still one to go, Japanese encephalitis and of course Malaria pills.
Today, 11-07-2011 we've started canceling our subscriptions.
Friday, 5th of August, we have signed the contract that our house will be rented out for 11,5 month!!! Both of us are real happy about that and the person who will be moving in seems to be a good one.

So as to our preparations, the people in City Hall is kicking up a storm....
Some of our problems: in Holland it's common if you have morgage on your house you get a tax reduction. But, if you don't live in that house you don't get it.
Well you would say, no worries you live there... BUT, from City Hall you have to sign yourself out if you're staying in another country for more then 8 months... (as we are going for roughly 1 year, we have to sign ourselves out). So you don't get the tax reduction, a bit of a bummer, moreover we shouldn't pay any tax in Holland...
Well we found out, it is possible to change our address at the tax-office (we changed our address to that of my parents), also you have to explain why you want an address change, (we said, we go away for a year but we will still be paying tax in Holland.). That sufficed...
Then on to the obligatory health care in Holland, this is ridicules expensive, standard some €100,-. This health care you have to keep also when your abroad for a year or less. On top of that you need an travel insurance. A standard travel insurance in Holland will not allow you to stay abroad for more than 180 days...
Also this travel insurance doesn't cover any costs you make when you have to return to Holland for eg a funeral and after that continue traveling...
So you end up with double the costs for a decent insurance.
For the people who are interested in the Dutch version of this story click here.

Ok that's it for now again. If there are any new developments we'll share it with ya!
(we decided to continue on a part 2, this one's grown too big to be comfortable.