Cambodia passing through

Here we r again, this time in Siem Reap, in Cambodia! The land that gives us a double feeling. It's difficult to seems like nothing is in between over here, it's very beautiful or very ugly...
Up till now we have seen quite a bit of a rural life, which isn't great: people living very poor...while driving we've seen people swimming in the mud to catch some fish, bad smell comes up once again, overloaded bikes.....all this gives u a reality check, it's sad to see.
But on the other hand when small children laugh and wave at u and curious fellows come closer to observe ur bike, that makes ur day!
While being here we've had a feeling that a spirit of The Khmer Rouge period of 1975 - 1979 is still strongly present among people.

About Siem Reap, it's a real tourist attraction, there are more hotels and restaurants then houses! It's obvious that people want to earn serious money here. You are pushed to negotiate about the prices otherwise u pay a fortune!

This time we are not going to visit the Angkor Wat, we are busy with making a lorry for our bike (as we couldn't do that in Thailand). A great advantage here is that a lot of people speak English, so it's much more easier to arrange something here than in the rest of the country. So our lorry is almost finished and we hoop to be in Vietnam soon. On our way back we plan to give a visit to Angkor Wat 3 days and visit the Prek Toal bird sanctuary on the Tonle Sap Lake. Also we want to go to Phnom Phen, visit killing field and the nearby area.

Some practical info: the main roads are good to travel with ur own transport, Cambodia has 2 currencies: US dollars and Cambodian Riels, just negotiate ur price, Ancient Angkor Guesthouse is a good one, with good prices, for example: a double room, air-co, fan, fridge, warm shower, free internet and a swimming pool: $15, the only disadvantage that u have to wait a bit for ur meal as they order it at their branch of the Ancient Angkor Hotel. But if u have ur own transportation u can chose for Krung Meals Hotel & Restaurant, it's even nicer one and $2 cheaper, but it doesn't lay in the center. Also a nice place to have lunch is the butterfly garden, not that far away from the market, on street 25. U can see some butterflies over there but what we liked the most is the atmosphere, they have a nice garden setting with comfortable benches :)
If u plan to visit Phnom Kulen or Banteay Srey Temple, on the way back there is a nice Butterfly Center, (ABC) where they have +/- 35 spices butterflies in a nice setting, an enthusiastic guide will tell u some info about the butterflies, it will take u some 30min.

See ya next time!